The Wellness for Growth Fou​ndation was created in 2012 as a comprehensive wellbeing and socioeconomic 
growth program for Hispanic women to become catalysts for change in their families and communities.



Empower underprivileged Hispanic women through integral wellness education and skills for economic growth to improve their own and their families' wellbeing.  

* The Wellness for Growth

Team Members


Develop a sustainable and replicable global model

that will provide underserved Latin American women 

the foundations to become catalysts for socioeconomic growth and wellbeing in their communities.

* The Wellness for Growth

Operational Team

Program Ambassadors and Beneficiaries


The Board of Directors, Management, Staff and Volunteers of the Wellness for Growth Foundation are committed to strong core values that guide our daily actions and decisions:

  • Commitment: We are committed to developing and supporting an integral and practical educational platform that empowers underserved Hispanic women to live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

  • Accountability:  The board of directors and management of the Wellness for Growth Foundation will always assume responsibility for the organization’s actions and decisions. 

  • Integrity: All actions and decisions must always be guided by honesty first. Honesty and integrity are the bases of our organization.

  • Passion: We are passionate about supporting Hispanic women and showing them that they can create a better, healthier, more positive living environment for them and their families. Passion fuels our commitment.

  • Inspiration: We are committed to inspiring our beneficiaries to always look for better opportunities to grow as a person, to be more relevant in their communities, and to inspire others around them do the same. We are inspired by them, by their eagerness to learn and improve.

  • Cooperation and Teamwork: Cooperation is the glue that keeps our organization running. We commit to putting the team before our individual gains. If there is cooperation the organization grows; if the organization grows, we all grow with it.



Between 2013 and 2019 the Wellness for Growth Foundation successfully implemented 11programs in Houston and Katy, six Workshops and one English Series. Thanks to the support of our volunteers, facilitators, partners, and sponsors, and to the dedicated commitment of our program participants,

we have empowered over 375 Hispanic families! 

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