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The Wellness for Growth Foundation is a social initiative created as a comprehensive wellbeing and socioeconomic growth program for underprivileged minority women to become catalysts for change in their families and communities.


Our Educational Initiatives are mainly implemented at schools and are based on four components for growth. Each component provides a growing opportunity on itself, and they are all interconnected to offer solid foundations for personal and entrepreneurial development.


Throughout our programs, Hispanic women learn how to practice healthy and balanced lifestyles with their families, develop the necessary skills for personal and economic growth, participate in income-generating activities, and get basic education and support to jumpstart their entrepreneurial endeavors.



These programs have benefited over 900 Hispanic families.



Health and Wellness Education


Informational and motivational wellness workshops on nutrition, physical activity, spirituality, and personal relationships.

Income-Generating Opportunities


Skills for Economic Growth

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Practical training on basic skills for personal and economic growth: computer skills, English, personal finance, leadership, and artisan skills.

Entrepreneurship Facilitation


Product-selling support: Opportunities to sell their hand-made products and generate an income based on the product-crafting and financial skills learned throughout the program.

Entrepreneurship education and support for participants to learn basic concepts as the foundation to plan and launch a small business or grow their current businesses.

Ready to learn more about our programs and how to help? 

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