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Our 42-hour-long Educational Platform is our main educational initiative.

We also offer Customized Educational Workshops, Advanced Educational Workshops, and Advanced English Series based on our comprehensive Educational Platform. 




Customized  Workshops


The Customized Workshops are 

an introductory version of key components comprised in our educational platform.



Frequent workshop topics are: Computer Skills, Personal Finances, Nutrition, Entrepreneurship, and Self-esteem & Leadership.


The workshop locations are mainly schools. Other venues are community centers, churches, and community rooms in areas with a high Hispanic population.




Educational Workshops




The Educational Workshops consist of an advanced level of key components comprised in our educational platform and are customized based on program graduates' needs. 


Advanced Workshop topics are determined in conjunction with the schools after assessing the participants' needs.


These workshops are conducted at the same schools where our full educational programs are implemented.


English Series



Advance English Series are offered to our Educational Program graduates to help them improve their knowledge of the English language. 


The content is targeted to their needs and very practical classes are taught with an emphasis on vocabulary and reading & comprehension skills.


The Advanced English Series are conducted at the same schools where the educational programs are implemented.







Since 2012, we have implemented Educational Programs and Workshops benefiting over 900 participants. 

We have measured the results of our programs through pre/post-quantitative evaluations and follow-up interviews.


  • Health awareness and healthier lifestyle habits

  • English proficiency

  • Computer skills

  • Personal and business finance management

  • Product-crafting abilities

  • Entrepreneurial motivation and experience

  • Leadership aptitudes

  • Involvement in their children's school

Congratulations to our program Graduates 

We are very proud of you!


Damaris Rodriguez

27 years old, Honduras

I want to thank these women who dedicated their time to us. They have taught us what we really need to know to achieve integral wellness and the importance that we have as women in our roles as mothers, wives, friends, and daughters. It doesn’t matter what profession or lifestyle we have, we need to feel proud of who we are.


Suyapa Mejia

31 years old, Honduras

I specially enjoy my English and Computer classes since they allow me to help my daughters with their homework... ​

I didn't know how to use a computer or Google before, now I can supervise my daughters when they’re using the computer.


Beatriz Montiel

23 years old, Mexico

I want to thank the Wellness for Growth Foundation for giving me the opportunity to learn new things. I've learned to eat healthier foods, now I drink more water, go to the gym, and feel more active. I thank this group of women for giving me their time and support.


Ready to explore the benefits

of a partnership with the 

Wellness for Growth Foundation?

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