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Because we Care about Women, Let's Work Together to Empower Them!



Wellness for Growth has been a wonderful journey that has taught me how a shared vision, coped with collaborative teamwork, can lead to an unstoppable ripple effect. 


Volunteering our time to empower Hispanic women changes the beneficiaries’ lives and those of their families and communities. But the ripple effect doesn’t stop there. As a team, all our lives have also been deeply touched and enriched in an altruistic transformational cycle. 


I’m thankful to God and to our hard-working team for seven rewarding years of meaningful social work.

Eirasmin Lokpez

Founder & Director

Sheila Segnalini


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"I've been a volunteer for the Wellness for Growth Foundation for over six years now, and I can truly say that the experience has been equal to none.


It's wonderful to work

alongside a great group of people committed to achieving the shared goal

of empowering women program after program, year after year. The Wellness for Growth Foundation provides me with the perfect opportunity to give back to the community in a very rewarding way."

Mari J. Perez

Education Director

Mari J Perez - Education Program Directo

I am delighted to collaborate with the Wellness for Growth Foundation. I find its mission completely aligned to mine since I’m passionate about educating Hispanic women and empowering them to pursue

their goals.


The team work, cooperation, and collaboration among members to get the work done is also gratifying. I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one who is part of the educational team and their unique values and contributions. I’m so happy for my decision to join the Foundation to contribute to make a difference in the community.

Aida Rincón

HR Consultant

Aida Rincon - HR Consultant.jpg

My experience as volunteer has been inspiring and heartwarming. I had the opportunity to facilitate a

Self-esteem & Leadership workshop at an Alief ISD school and participants conveyed their gratitude for the opportunity to participate in a workshop covering this topic, most of all, learning about the importance of this topic in their lives and that of their families.

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