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Our team is now proud to offer our Integral Wellness ONLINE PROGRAMS & WORKSHOPS to expand the reach of our women empowerment mission. 

We cover practical topics on four areas of wellness: physical, emotional, financial, and occupational wellbeing. 


We invite you to watch our video showcasing our 

Onsite and Online Education Programs

Online Education Programs 

  • Programs and Workshops topics:

    • English

    • Mobile & Tech Skills

    • Personal Finances

    • Self-esteem & Leadership

    • Integral Wellness

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Arts & Crafts 

  • Online remote education via Zoom 

  • Safe education environment that allows for social-distancing 

  • Interactive courses led by trained facilitators

  • Practical application exercises

  • No computers required. All courses can be taken using a smartphone

  • Courses dictated in English or in Spanish 

Ready to learn more about our programs and how to help? 

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